This site provides the opportunity for residents who volunteer as committee members to give feedback to the Board of Directors on issues that they are considering. It can also be used to submit suggested improvements to our community to be addressed to the Board or to committees for their consideration. To add a comment on an issue, just click on the "No comments" (or "Comments") link below each issue, to make your views known.

NOTE: This venue is for legitimate community business only; any submission of inappropriate comments will result in the comment(s) being deleted from the site. Thank you

Review of Pool and Spa Rules


Please, open both files, which will allow you to read the rules, and when there are footnote numbers, you'll be able to read the reference in the other file. You are encouraged to click on the underlined links in the Reference file which will take you to the actual source of the extract that appears in the Reference file.

To help to go back and forth from the Rules file and the Reference file, position your cursor over either of the two files below and right click your mouse. There should be two options; either "Open link in a new tab" or "Open link in a new window". Pick whichever will work best for you.



Improvement Suggestion


Please take this opportunity to suggest to the association's board of directors a way to improve how our association performs or to acknowledge an individual for special recognition.